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Thursday, February 27, 2020

8 Most Effective Loyalty Program to Increase Company Profits

Loyalty Programs can be a breakthrough in the time required. In the tradition of selling, always known periods of decline or downtime. The cause is very diverse, can be internal or external companies. One solution is to create a loyalty program.

Literally, loyalty programs or loyalty means loyalty program. The explanation is simple, the loyalty program is the program design company to maintain regular customers transact with the company.

Effective Loyalty Program to Increase Company Profits

As we understand, much less generate sales from people who had dealings of the yet all together. The cost to acquire a new customer can even reach 10 times the cost for existing customers. Although, please note that the expansion is still necessary for the growth of the company.

Existing customers who entered into the transactions and are satisfied are inclined to spend money on larger companies anymore. This is certainly much more profitable than new potential customers who do not necessarily want to spend money because it has not been too trusting.

To maintain and care for the old customers, the loyalty program necessary and should be made by the company.

Companies must design well this loyalty program. Because, like any other strategy, this could be double-edged. Instead of getting a profit, without calculations done, it can cause harm.

For that, there's nothing wrong to mimic and modify loyalty programs of other companies that have proven profitable. This article describes as follows.

Loyalty points are the most common loyalty program run in various companies. This program gives points to users for each specific customer transaction did. This point applies to multiples. So, the more transactions that customers do, the more points they get.

These points can later be redeemed for a wide variety of other products or services of the company. Instead, if the company can cooperate with other parties, these points can also apply cross. So the transaction on a company can get points for company B, and vice versa. Thus, there is a collaboration among firms and not a competition.

The loyalty program has a similar system with points. It's just that, some customers may prefer to raise real money-similar figures, not in the form of points. So program cashback could be more attractive to them.

In the loyalty program, for every transaction with a certain nominal, customers get cashback. This cashback can not be refunded but can be traded again with the company.

Thus, the longer it will be more and more transactions are conducted. Because for every cashback customers get, they will be more motivated and feel pity when not in use. That causes recurring transactions that benefit the company.

This loyalty program providing the offer to become a member of a club that company forms. Members of the club can receive attractive offerings from the company, either in the form of discounts or other.

This membership program is very useful. Because, by opening the membership program, the company already has regular customers. These customers will be able to be the basis of the launch of new products or services.

The loyalty program is a development of the previous program. Multilevel membership programs offered to customers to upgrade a membership. For example, from the ordinary to VIP, from VIP to Premium, and so on. Of course, each level has more advantages than the level below it.

Examples often use these systems is a provider of credit card services. Usually, every company has a member cardholders a certain degree, from silver, gold, to platinum. Each level provides a different benefit that getting to the top will be even greater.

Although it seems interesting, this program requires careful calculation. Also, this program is more effectively applied to existing customers than new customers.

This loyalty program is effectively used by the company operating the sites. If usually, visitors have to pay a disposable ticket for admission to the tourist zone, this time the tickets can be used many times.

A well-known example is applied by dufan, Ancol. With provide season tickets, the company has already received guarantees their visitors. Conversion will benefit can be gained from the sale of other support services such as meals, drinks, and so on.

The industry has also implemented the program include football, hospitality, education (courses & Bimbel), and others

Who says loyalty programs always about money? This loyalty program does not provide economic benefits to its customers, but the good feelings they evoke. For each transaction with a certain value, the company will donate a sum of money for charity.

This program is functioning effectively, both to increase customer loyalty, or do branding for the company. No one, the longer, more and more companies are using the loyalty program. In the long term, this policy is a very good thing to do.

Examples of companies that implement this program are aqua. Then for each gallon aqua sold, the company set aside a certain nominal for the manufacture of water resources in remote villages. This system can be applied by other companies, of course with different objectives that are linked to the areas of the company.

The loyalty program is very powerful and effective as it can be made general or very personal. In general, for any seasonal or annual event, the company can provide benefits for customers such as discounts, free service, and others. This can be provided to customers who have been dealing for a certain period.

This loyalty program can also be applied personally. Companies can provide benefits to customers as a special time for the customer, such as their birthday. Of course, before the company must already have data on this.

This limited event program proved to be very effective in increasing customer loyalty. This is because customers feel cared for and cared about.

The loyalty program allows customers to become partners of the company. Customers who were satisfied with the products and services the company will be happy to invite other potential customers. By providing incentives and rewards that attract, engage and share the intensity can be increased.

In the long term, companies can shift the cost of marketing and promotion to this program. The effect will decrease costs, and income will increase.

Provide Data Visualization Overview Future

Data Visualization - The results of its own data visualization are various tables and graphs the rate of something that is being considered, for example, only financial companies. Data in this graph serves as a benchmark of what action to take next while doing marketing too very fatal if not pay attention to the facts of the sales charts.

For some simple data much-known information about something. Fill in the data is very credible because the data is a collection of facts that occur in the field. It is why the data is often a reference to the current required to have executed a marketing plan.

Data Visualization Overview

When running a company you must not act only by the desire and the approximate visualization of data held must also be clear. When the percentage of clients that valid data must be presented properly.

Beautify through visual so that data can be understood easily is one smart way and therefore every entrepreneur should be good at it. The ability for data visualization era now urgently needed to support a company.

Provide data directly from the results of the check field has become a shortcut to make others believe in their impact. But the data presentation system often makes many people confused because of the numbers.

The visualization of data is needed to bridge the data to be conveyed to the people. The graphic and colorful table will be more easily understood by others of the pile of figures from the data collecting.

Types of pornography and tables in the presentation of the data are also increasingly diverse so it will not make others saturated at the sight. They will understand the differences between each data presented because it is easier to measure if through a table.

Even a professor say that visualization is becoming the most powerful method to resolve the situation very Rumpit. The responsiveness of humans through visualization will be huge with the power he thought.

Talk about a company's business and certainly, there will accumulate data very much. Business intelligence data set such that it should be able to produce the best decision for the company.

Assimilation or incorporation of data is often even making people confused because the numbers overlapped one another disorganized. Different matter when using data visualization, all data will be grouped and arranged with a graph or table.

Aberdeen group succeeded in proving that the leader of the company more relevant information for implementing data visualization, as the intensity of each presentation of the data using this method information provided will be better again.

Of confusion and chaos will occur if the presentation of data in a mess, people will be very difficult to find the correlation of each data. If the correlation is not to be found how the problem solution is required.

For that use data visualization to be very supportive of each audience who watched the presentation can be found a correlation of the information presented easily. Well actually when presenting data correlation can be easily found, but the more data will be more difficult to find a correlation.

It would be wise to visualize in any percentage to avoid chaos and misunderstandings, as well as the actual intent of the presentation, was to find the next steps to be taken.

When all the data has been delivered to all companies with good components and they understand all of the correlation, then just take a good step to create a business trend to attract consumers.

The core of doing data visualization is to communicate information through the means of graphic or image. In theory will image more easily digested by the brain rather than numbers, colors and shapes greatly affect the speed of the process in the brain.

Therefore you'll often see meetings often filmed using tables, graphs and so forth. It was meant for the audience to better understand the essence of the information presented in graphics.

Visualization is to provide the quickest means abiding by the customers, clients or others. They tend to be free to express his desire through visualization of data that will be provided so that the delivery will be very good.

The painting has a meaning much, so often people understand art. When you involve art into the presentation of the data then it will be brilliant. Precisely that is what happens to the data visualization.

First saw the pile of data will be very drab and makes me sick, but since the start, its development data visualization of all the information can be conveyed easily. This visualization is an advancement of the field of communication are very profitable businesses and individuals.

Data visualization began to develop since 2002, the researchers wanted a concept to present the data to the maximum, which all the data can be gathered without making others confused when he saw it.

Then start it is developing a method of delivering data through art. Data entered into the chart as well as table and stunning results are given positive indeed, most who see that data to understand the true intent without long-winded explanation.

In this modern era, all the reports and the percentage need data visualization and can not be separated from it. Because the needs of the market and focus product for consumers is also greatly improved. The second thing that follows human growth more and more each day in the world.

If you interested to expand a company then required to understand the concept of visualization. Because everyone wants something more easily and efficiently in everyone's needs so even when presenting the information they want through visualization.

Create data visualization is not too difficult if the data set available is not too much, it would be different if the amount is much in one report. Not to mention you before making the visualization must first understand the correlation.

Wants to Work With a Relaxed, So Freelancers ONLY!

Freelancer - Before you know what it is yet a freelancer? From the way he works, any suitable jobs, and profits as a freelancer. If you do not know, in this article we'll let you know what it's like what the freelancers and freelancers that work. Let's discuss below what it was a freelancer.

So in a company that has some kind of work. Ranging from part-time, full-time, internships, and some are an open type of freelance jobs. Well, people, who work as a freelance it was referred to as a freelancer. So its definition is a person who works as a freelance in a company and he did not have to commit to the company and is not bound by contract to the company.

Work with a relaxed, so Freelancers ONLY!

Usually, this type of work sought by the company when the company wanted to do a project like organized the event, Launched a new product. Usually, also companies that use these services are only short-term purposes. So when necessary things have been settled, relations firms and freelancers stop.

This work can also choose how to come if he wants to work fulltime following office hours or can also do part-time and doing work outside the office. Usually, they choose part-time he had other commitments such as college or have cooperation with other companies.

In performing work as a freelancer, there is a pattern or way of working as a guide for each person. Refers to the meaning freelancers above, the general way of freelance work is as follows:

This job is very flexible because we can work on what has agreed on anywhere. It does not rule out also we do the work in the office. Besides passing platform tablets you can also directly send your portfolio and curriculum vitae by email the company that is looking for freelance workers.

Who wants to be a freelancer you will get some advantages compared to ordinary office workers. Here are some of the advantages will you get if you become a freelancer.

Usually, the work of freelance it by our interests. So you could say we do things with pleasure. Kebayangkan how delish do something because we loved it.

As a freelancer, you will have more flexible time. So you can do things at will you are and wherever you need. So you're not being chased by time and are not required to come early to the office.

Someone freelancer also gets a larger income than regular employees. Because you can install a wage would you like to have desired by the level of difficulty given by the company?

But keep in mind as well, where there are definite advantages there are also disadvantages. You also have to think about the risks that would befall you if you as a freelancer. We'll tell you what shortcomings as a freelancer and tips to handle

What is meant by the guarantee? Guarantee that referred to here is the guarantee of health, education assurance, and annuities. If you wish to become a freelancer and you will not get the guarantees mentioned.

So you have to manage your finances better if at any time you get a misfortune such as illness, or someday you get married and have children you need to send, or if you are already unable to work again because of age. Therefore if you as a freelancer you have to save from early to your future.

As a freelancer, you must wait for a job according to your interests or according to your ability. If the job was not there you would wait until do not know when their jobs corresponding to your interest. If you do not work you will be unemployed and surely you will not earn.

So for those of you who want to be a freelancer, you must also remember that your future savings. You can also deposit your income or you could invest. So that one day you do not get a job, you still keep the income to make a living.

Well, now you already know ya kan advantages and disadvantages as a freelancer it anything. But you also have to know ya terms as the freelancer anything. These requirements should also be supported by the skills you have.

That we have discussed above being a freelancer is not always easy and fun because we would be faced with the advantages and disadvantages of freelancers. One must have specific skills and experience in a field that he is interested in, but it is also sure to be mastered yes. According to the meaning freelancer above, as for some of the requirements to become a freelancer. Well, whatever the condition?

Be freelancers certainly have to have a certain skill to offer to others so that no one wants to use you. Also, the freelancer must have examples of their work and a pretty good experience to be able to successfully run this profession.

As has been discussed that the search for freelance jobs or email it through the platform, now this tool should use the Internet. So, in general, the company or someone who needs a freelancer will search through the internet. That is why every person who works as a freelancer is very close to the world of the Internet.

To prove your skill, you can show off via social media through the Internet. So you know why you should be familiar with the Internet world and understand it.

As a freelancer does not work in one place, they must be flexible to move where. This flexibility should be used to facilitate your work.

Also, you will be moving to a company where every company has a different culture. Therefore you who want as a freelancer also must quickly adapt to the companies that use your services.

Still related to the previous point, you will be flexible and move where therefore you should Pandari set time. In addition to the agreement with the employer, freelancers must be kept, and it is often associated with task completion deadlines. Therefore you should be able to time management to complete the task.

Maybe you could work with ease, but you need to remember the period that already exists in agreements between companies and freelancers. The period is a reference for you to finish your work. So you have to set a good time so that the work given to your company can be completed promptly.

Advantages of a Business License For Legal Protection

Business License - Many people might find out what are the actual advantages to be gained a business license. So that most entrepreneurs who had just started his business often ignore their importance. Whereas in determining business license is quite important.

So that later things are not desirable inevitable as much as possible. However, many employers often do not understand layman's like any business license, then what form, and lastly what are the benefits and profits. To understand more clearly, we should give a little time to see the following information.

Perhaps those who still lay not understand exactly what it is the business license and how his form. It is good to first understand it before attempting to take care and ensure that the license permits the relevant institutions. As for the business, the license is everything related to licenses and patents running a business. For example, a food business must have a business license fittings including trade, bpom or letters of food and drug regulatory agencies, as well as patents for certain menu unique to the hallmark of the company.

Business License For Legal Protection

In the presence of the license, of course, it is easy for a business to run it's business and more easily recognizable to consumers as well. For example, who is the hits that bubble tea or chicken geprek. Through patents and licenses, then there is no right to demand any other restaurant or shop using the business name or a similar menu. So that in the future also helps the business owners to be protected in full maximum.

Forming a business license would provide many benefits. Of course, it is often overlooked by entrepreneurs. So that in the future, when there are other similar businesses, it becomes problematic in its development. Such as when experiencing a competitive business, and then stolen his flagship products by other companies, without a license clear of course this can not be prosecuted, let alone processed by the appropriate regulatory.

Therefore, as a businessman first thing to note is the problem permits and licenses within their company. Thus indirectly can support the better business. The license can also provide customers greater confidence compared with other similar businesses. Often we see customers and consumers prefer a company or a place that has an official license. So here also lies the importance of having a patent license from the relevant institutions.

Many people do not understand how the steps to take care of the business license. Often many ordinary businessmen do not know another way to go. While taking care of this license is not difficult and can even be quite easy. So if you want to take care of it then it does not need hard and confused. For those who are interested to take care of business license, just try to follow the steps and the following instructions:

To have a license of course there are many benefits to be gained. Especially in terms of law and certainty of the products commercialized. For those who want to know more details, the following advantages can be obtained business licenses for employers who have official permission.

Training Need Analysis Generate Best Human Resources

Best Human Resources - The next stage of the recruitment process is to conduct training or training, but long before the hr team will design a training need analysis. The goal to create a new employee who has been accepted to understand the work and gain knowledge comprehensively after living it.

Hr will design the best scenario that training goes smoothly without any obstacles, the analysis is usually performed on the material, the place, time and learning techniques. Various elements should be able to bring a positive impact to new employees.

Need Analysis Generate Best Human Resources

Because after the training sessions for new employees will also be evaluated to produce information about how successful the training was conducted. Evaluation of the future is also intended as a basis for better training and can even embed the company's mission.

Every company must have to do the training for new employees as their capital will undergo a job. Then the hr must conduct training need analysis to be hosted the training, training is also a means of introduction to all the matters related to the company.

Tna discusses this when you have a basic understanding of the needs. According to England and Gilley, needs are a gap in a situation that is expected or desired. It means the need is the distance between the starting point of the destination.

Training need analysis is a way to meet the needs to achieve the expected situation, easily TNA can mean a method to make ends meet. The need here is related to the quality of new hires.

Because when a new employee can make a major contribution to the company then the company's expectations will be achieved. Whereas here the analysis is useful for understanding the situation and what kind of training as the most suitable for the company.

For every type of company will have its own competent employees needed. Therefore training undertaken should have nothing to do with the company and not out of the vision and mission.

What function do? The first training need analysis is to obtain information about knowledge, skills, and passion of employees to work. The second gives the best explanation so that the workings of the employee entrance to the company and the actual standard.

The fourth is to increase stakeholder confidence that the company is doing the training to each employee so that all employees in it is very decent and productive. Last as a material for the evaluation of future reports.

Tna has its own pace to produce appropriate training for new employees. This stage is a detailed analysis of various important points that can be used during the training later.

The analysis is a research organization working team that is most suitable to be used for the training of employees. Usually determined by the needs of the company or visits of the most talented working team and can easily guide new employees.

Because not all organizations within the company are suitable for training, for example, only work teams dealing with risk prevention in the company. Because his work is very important that the organization can not arbitrarily be used for employee training.

The organizational analysis is arguably a strategy for determining when and where the best place to hold training. In this case, hr should consult with management to provide the best location.

This analysis is more to anyone who should be included in the list of participants. No other purpose to improve the quality of these employees, often in the company long retrained employees to accept a new job or to fix a bad job. It turns out training needs analysis is not used only for new hires only.

While the research that is needed is the standardization of work, for a new employee may be only a matter of work to be done. In contrast to the old employees who are required to improve their performance while in retraining.

Usually, they are also asked to explain any errors made to make the act of anticipation. The actual company that retraining employees, a sign that employees would not lose even a lot of mistakes. Retraining is also provided to facilitate the carrying out of new positions for employees.

After getting the results of the job analysis stage next TNA is conducting research on individuals. Each individual within the company views the ability and the work rendered to the company. If he can do the appropriate minimum standards then the employee to qualify and do not need to enter into the program training needs analysis.

But if the results say otherwise, the work is given even less than the standards set by the company he needs to make improvements with retraining. An individual analysis is conducted in the final stages of TNA.

Hr with the observation method and management can immediately see the fieldwork activities performed by employees. So that they can also get more concrete data and valid from their work.

The survey method is very suitable to obtain data TNA, in addition to more efficient for the number of employees very much. The survey also provides results faster, but every point questions in it should be clear that no results were confusing and even not worth at all for training need analysis.

Here is more like a counseling interview, hr will be easier to evaluate from this interview session. Because it can be clearly viewed directly through interactions made during the interview and questions is a validation of the survey to better ensure the results of the answer.

Training needs analysis had to be able to make the company more advanced, poor attendance and performance slow everything can be solved with TNA. The approach taken will also be very efficient so it does not interfere with work.

Database with digital storage in the cloud base will make your most important data highly secure and stored neatly until the time is used. Reports that you create every month can be done automatically and no longer need to hassle you do.

Dividend Definition, Types, Theory of Policy, Influence, Calculation

Theory of Policy - For those of you who love to invest in small businesses, medium or large dong yes certainly know about dividends. This dividend is a distribution of income within a specific period. Well, if we invested in stock in many places of business will certainly be more and more dividends we get. What the hell will we consider in this article?

Of course, it begins with understanding, the types in the business, the theory of its policies according to experts, the effect of its policies on business risks, calculation and payment procedures. Let our knowledge of the dividend is more complete, see the following article!

Theory of Policy, Influence, Calculation

What is a dividend? The term dividend is a form of profit-sharing or profit to shareholders within a certain period based on the number of shares held. That is a large stock dividend depending on the size of their respective owners.

In general, dividends in the business and the company is divided into several types based on the method of division. Refers to the notion of dividends above, here are some kinds of dividends in the business:

It is a payment method in cash gains and is taxed only on their spending in the current year.

Is the method of distribution of profit shares made through increasing the number of shares but reduce the value of each share to not change the capitalist market.

Is the method of distribution of profit share paid through business assets such as property, but this method is rarely used in business.

Is the distribution of profit shares declared and paid before the company completed posted annual profits.

Is the distribution of profit shares to shareholders in the form of a written agreement in which the company will pay the amount of cash in the future. Scrip dividends can be shaped flower or bloom and can be traded to other shareholders.

It is a profit distribution of shares issued when the board of directors will conduct the liquidation of the business and return all the remaining net assets to shareholders in the form of cash.

Some experts divide theories of dividend. This follows his theories by experts.

According to Modigliani and miller, the value of a company is not determined by the size of the dividend payout ratio but is determined by the net income before tax and corporate risk class.

In other words, the company's ability to generate profits from the assets of the company is the deciding factor for the value of the company.

By linter and Gordon, when dividend payout is low, the cost of equity capital will increase. This is because investors prefer dividends rather than capital gains.

Dividend policy theory according to Litzenberger and Ramaswamy, taxes imposed on dividends and capital gains. However, investors prefer capital gains for shareholders to defer payment of taxes.

There is empirical evidence that says that if there is a rise in the stock profit distribution will be accompanied by rising stock prices. As well as vice versa. This is another reason why investors prefer dividends rather than capital gains.

According to this theory, the shareholders have a different perspective on the profit distribution policy of a company's stock. A high dividend payout ratio is preferred by investors who need current income. While investors do not so need the money today prefer if companies hold the majority of the company's net profit.

The new company is growing very susceptible to increased debt. The ratio of debt to total assets growing company shows potential risks greater. It could result in financial distress.

Stock profit-sharing payment policies could be one source of conflict between the lender with shareholders and the results could lead to a debt agency costs.

Dividend restrictions in debt agreements the company can be risky for the low conversion of the dividend due to companies experiencing financial difficulties or cash.

Corporate managers often negate the profit distribution of shares, whereas it actually will be a burden on companies to pay more to shareholders than when they distribute profits stock in low quantities.

Negate the stock profit sharing is a bad choice for a company whose financial difficulties, because shareholders may feel aggrieved and ask for a larger share.

Companies that raise profit-sharing stock to investors when the debt is very high, it could be negative for the investor's perspective. This is because the dividend was given allegedly derived from the issuance of the forest or other investment funds by ignoring the interests of the debt payments. This certainly makes the company vulnerable to the risk of bankruptcy.

Companies that can provide a large share in profits with minimal debt dependents could be an attraction for another investor. The company will be considered to have the moral and financial capability to manage the company properly without the shackles of debt.

Business or company that has good financial management enable a bigger profit because production costs are lower.

Businesses can also affect the determination of the profit distribution policy of stock. Profitability often results from the use of fixed operating costs with increased sales.

Companies often invest the gains to further improve earnings in the future. This leads to reduced funding whereas the company so that investors get shares lower profit shares.

Share earnings policy dilemma is often an obstacle for the company's leaders. Dividends can not be decided only on the company's financial, but also should pay attention to the risks that can be generated.

Stock profits earned by each shareholder has a different nominal.

It is influenced by the number of shares held by each shareholder.

In determining the nominal received by each shareholder, the company uses the three basic elements of calculation, namely:

After the company's net profit is known, then the company will determine how many percent dividend payout ratio (DPR) which will be distributed to the shareholders. Dpr the amount determined by the general meeting of shareholders.

After these two things in mind, it can be calculated to obtain the amount to be distributed, with the following formula:

Dividend = x DPR net income (in percentage)

Furthermore, the company will make a calculation of how nominal that will be earned by the shareholders to determine first how the amount received by each share. With the following calculation:

Dividend per share = dividend: shares outstanding

More and more of the shares owned by the shareholders, the greater the dividend they will get.

If the company decides to distribute profit shares to shareholders, then some important dates need to be considered by the company, namely:

The announcement date is the date in which the company announced the form and amount of dividends per share to be received by the shareholders.

Besides, on this date, the company will also deliver when to schedule payments to be made.

On the record date, the company will record who those shareholders of the company name.

Shareholders who are enrolled will get the rights and receive dividends, while the shareholders whose names are not registered on the record date are not going to get the right to acquire it.

Is the last day of trading of shares is still attached to the right to get the dividend in cash or shares?

On this date, the stock trading that occurs is no longer attached to the right to share profits, so investors who buy shares at this date could not register his name on it.

The payment date is the date on which the company distributed shares profits predetermined shape and magnitude to the shareholders.

On this date, shareholders whose names already registered can take their profits right.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Keep Corporate Data Security with Firewall

Data Security - If humans have an immune system that must be maintained to prevent diseases, so even with the company's computer system. The mentioned system named by the firewall. For you who never learned about the medium term, this system may also apply there, it's just a different definition.

We will try to discuss the definition, function and how it works. To know more, you read this article until the end yes!

Keep Corporate Data Security with Firewall

You may wonder at the meaning of this word. What is actually the purpose of this firewall? To find out, we will start from the understanding beforehand.

One book with a theme of computers gives the sense the word is the main point we are today as away. Used by hardware, software or system.

To put it the way a device or safety equipment that must be matched by those who are connected to the Internet. Whether it be a private network or a corporate network.

Its purpose is to protect, either in the form of filter, limit, or even reject a relationship. Relationship in question is the relationship between networks, the private network and the external network that is not a scope.

Also, the firewall aims to keep, so that people who are not entitled and authorized to access data or system companies. Both from outside and inside. In other words, this way is used to implement security policies in the enterprise.

When we have understood the meaning of what a firewall, then we will try to discuss its function. So, you have a more complete picture of the matter we discussed today.

There are a few points related to the function of the system is that we can use and customize to our needs. The following are some of its functions:

Said to be a network security post, as any traffic that occurs between networks, either in or out must pass through this system. A later way or the system will filter and sort all of the traffic flow by established procedures.

Where the firewall is expected to keep the information from leakage that occurred without the knowledge of the company. To perform this function, we can use a file transfer protocol (FTP).

Later he will keep the flow of traffic. Suppose the existence of data that is confidential, and can not be given to any party. Their FTP will maintain such confidentiality.

When your company's computers have been equipped with this system, you're definitely going through it when signing in. In a sense, as you will access the data, then you need to pass through this firewall system.

So that all your activities can be recorded and monitored. You can monitor it through the statistics provided in this firewall system.

The next function of the firewall is to prevent any modification of the data of the other party. For example in terms of the data company, financial reports, product specifications, and other secret companies. The firewall can prevent this from happening.

Look at some of the features and functions that are run by the firewall, we might think, actually how the working principle of this system. If so, we will try to discuss in this section.

At least four points in the working principle of the firewall. We will review one by one, namely:

First, it will keep the firewall or control to control the company's computer system. For example when a computer or data storage system of your company can only be accessed by a few people.

So, the firewall will keep it, by checking the IP address and port number that is used and recorded.

To make it more flexible and able to accept the request for the opening of access can be equipped with a software firewall proxy, whose task to translate each request.

Connect from first principles, the following principle of working firewall is controlling the direction. When you have set who can access the data and how then the firewall will control it.

In addition to the system or work computer, a firewall also will control the user. Call it not all users or employees of your company can access all the data, and for the need for supervision.

Then who will take over this role is the firewall. He will decide to allow the user-authorized users access to the data in the computer system of the company.

The next or the last one is the control of the treatment, that is how? This principle can be explained with the intent, a firewall system works based on how much the service has been used. It can record up to spam activity that goes into it.

The next discussion is related to the way it works. Slightly different from the working principle. For that, you still need to read and listened to completion.

Although we have discussed in general terms that his work is keeping. However, appear to be generally there are two ways or two systems of firewalls that can be applied, following the discussion!

The first way is how the firewall safeguard and filters incoming and outgoing packets. It will allow traffic or users to pass based on the protocol address and port.

Packet filtering is good enough to keep the company's network from external attacks, or that many called the lan. We can call it as well with a static firewall system.

To run this way of working, we need an internet connection. When you are connected to the Internet, later this packet filtering will carry out their duties and provide its functions.

The next is a way the opposite of packet filtering. A stateful inspection firewall also is known as dynamic. Where he will see if the packet can be run in accordance and can pass through walls of fire or not.

The advantages of this second way, he not only detects whether the packet will pass appropriate or not. But also will check up to the layers inside. So, network security will be tight and secure.

Before we close this discussion, we will try to find out about the types of firewalls. There are some that we can use. Of course, each of them has a function and a different way of working.

The first kind is a personal firewall, you can guess right the purpose of this kind. Digunaka for personal with functions that have been described, namely to protect the suspicious access to a network.

An example is the Microsoft Windows firewall, Symantec Norton personal and others.

If that is wider and much longer range work. He will preserve and protect as a whole access to a network. Which would have included the first type, which we just discussed earlier? He will determine which packages are permitted and which are denied.

That's more or less an explanation related to the firewall, particularly related to the computer network of a company. Should not be confused with a fire in the wall of the mass media yes, split between editorial and marketing.

After knowing this, you can check the computer network systems and data storage in your firm. Not to have a gap to be easily retrieved or misused by an unauthorized person.

Advances in technology and digitalization of the existing highly let's make companies switch to a digital system. However, it is not only able to move on but also can keep it.

Speak digital system, in fact, there is a digital system that will facilitate the work of the company and your employees. Ie unscheduled digital, which can be done anywhere and anytime with the gadget.

Closed vs. Open Office, Benefits And Solutions

Closed vs. Open office space would be confusing for you. Either open or closed spaces actually are equally good for the room can make employees feel comfortable and safe at work. For a comfortable room will affect the performance of employees, which in turn may affect the achievement of the vision and goals of the company. To choose whether your office is open or closed design then you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each. However an office should be carefully considered whether to promote the concept of open space or enclosed space. The following are some explanations that may help you in choosing the right type of office space that makes you able to linger in the room.

Open and closed office space is actually equally fun during the design space according to the needs of the employees. Open office space is actually a office space in which there are many employees that room is designed openly and without any bulkhead or a room divider. Designed open space like this will certainly seem more spacious though in it there are a lot of employees. Even the room could have seen more widespread than the actual condition. Generally at the open office space there is a special table that is used both by a single employee or several employees.

Closed vs. Open Office, Benefits And Solutions

Another case with a closed office space designed with much insulation. Usually bigger rung closed offices in which there are barriers in the form of the divider walls. This condition is certainly better ensure the privacy of each employee so that the activity of the work can be done more freely. But there is also a closed office spaces that use a partition of a partition or other materials with a height which is not too high. Bulkhead basically serves to restrict the eyes of employees from one another. With the bulkhead it is expected that each employee can be more concentrated focus to his work.

Each type of room has the advantages of both open space and closed space.

Based interior room then open office space is certainly more freshness for their adequate ventilation. Besides the open office space would seem more spacious so that the space for employees is not limited. As for the closed office space tend to be closed so that employees can be more free to do anything.

There are advantages but there are also shortcomings and disadvantages of open office space and office space closed.

Open office space is an appropriate design for a company where the boss or leader can directly supervise employees.

Good office space is open or closed office space equally has its own benefits for the company. Open office space can reduce costs while the company's closed office space can boost employee morale.


Start Now! Just do it!

There is no right time to get started! Shamans do not ask you when the time is right to start working as a freelancer, (because your cell phone shaman old school and it is impossible to follow the timeline @ ruangfreelance- eiit do not laugh!). The best strategy is a direct jump in and get started. To become a freelancer, you do not have to withdraw (resign) from your office. Just use your free time to do freelance work.

You want to plunge into the restaurant business? Untung first of this business is that you always have some side dishes at home. Looking for a job in the restaurant and begin to learn the business. You want to be a chef? Very nice! Enroll a cooking course. Take action and start today! You do not need to know everything to get started. Just go to the game. You will learn by doing (learning by doing).

Start Now! Just do it!

Do not take it wrong. I strongly support education, training, and updating of skills. If you need more training, go and seek training or workshops you want. The key is to start. Stop waiting until you are really ready. It would never happen. Most lives are on the job training. Some of the most important things can only be learned in the process of doing so. You do something and can feedback - about what works and what does not. If you do not do anything for fear of doing so, reluctantly lot of mistakes, bad, or destroy, you never get the feedback and therefore you will never be better.

When her career started becoming freelance article writer in the room, I sent seven consecutive articles in a week, but all denied admin. They say too light, unattractive, and so on. Then I borrowed science om determination of Steve Jobs, who said, "courage is not always howl. Sometimes courage is only the sound tired at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow. ' "And finally my articles published.

When donald trump construct its first building, he did not realize that he would finally have a casino, golf courses, resorts, miss usa pageant, and reality television shows and the United States. Then he just knew that he wanted to build magnificent buildings and eventually happen in the course of his life. Each new success opens new and unexpected possibilities. If you are directly leading to the goal you want to accomplish, start and continue to move forward, a wide range of unexpected opportunities will grow from the forward movement. Congratulations racing through freelance projects.