Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Keep Corporate Data Security with Firewall

Data Security - If humans have an immune system that must be maintained to prevent diseases, so even with the company's computer system. The mentioned system named by the firewall. For you who never learned about the medium term, this system may also apply there, it's just a different definition.

We will try to discuss the definition, function and how it works. To know more, you read this article until the end yes!

Keep Corporate Data Security with Firewall

You may wonder at the meaning of this word. What is actually the purpose of this firewall? To find out, we will start from the understanding beforehand.

One book with a theme of computers gives the sense the word is the main point we are today as away. Used by hardware, software or system.

To put it the way a device or safety equipment that must be matched by those who are connected to the Internet. Whether it be a private network or a corporate network.

Its purpose is to protect, either in the form of filter, limit, or even reject a relationship. Relationship in question is the relationship between networks, the private network and the external network that is not a scope.

Also, the firewall aims to keep, so that people who are not entitled and authorized to access data or system companies. Both from outside and inside. In other words, this way is used to implement security policies in the enterprise.

When we have understood the meaning of what a firewall, then we will try to discuss its function. So, you have a more complete picture of the matter we discussed today.

There are a few points related to the function of the system is that we can use and customize to our needs. The following are some of its functions:

Said to be a network security post, as any traffic that occurs between networks, either in or out must pass through this system. A later way or the system will filter and sort all of the traffic flow by established procedures.

Where the firewall is expected to keep the information from leakage that occurred without the knowledge of the company. To perform this function, we can use a file transfer protocol (FTP).

Later he will keep the flow of traffic. Suppose the existence of data that is confidential, and can not be given to any party. Their FTP will maintain such confidentiality.

When your company's computers have been equipped with this system, you're definitely going through it when signing in. In a sense, as you will access the data, then you need to pass through this firewall system.

So that all your activities can be recorded and monitored. You can monitor it through the statistics provided in this firewall system.

The next function of the firewall is to prevent any modification of the data of the other party. For example in terms of the data company, financial reports, product specifications, and other secret companies. The firewall can prevent this from happening.

Look at some of the features and functions that are run by the firewall, we might think, actually how the working principle of this system. If so, we will try to discuss in this section.

At least four points in the working principle of the firewall. We will review one by one, namely:

First, it will keep the firewall or control to control the company's computer system. For example when a computer or data storage system of your company can only be accessed by a few people.

So, the firewall will keep it, by checking the IP address and port number that is used and recorded.

To make it more flexible and able to accept the request for the opening of access can be equipped with a software firewall proxy, whose task to translate each request.

Connect from first principles, the following principle of working firewall is controlling the direction. When you have set who can access the data and how then the firewall will control it.

In addition to the system or work computer, a firewall also will control the user. Call it not all users or employees of your company can access all the data, and for the need for supervision.

Then who will take over this role is the firewall. He will decide to allow the user-authorized users access to the data in the computer system of the company.

The next or the last one is the control of the treatment, that is how? This principle can be explained with the intent, a firewall system works based on how much the service has been used. It can record up to spam activity that goes into it.

The next discussion is related to the way it works. Slightly different from the working principle. For that, you still need to read and listened to completion.

Although we have discussed in general terms that his work is keeping. However, appear to be generally there are two ways or two systems of firewalls that can be applied, following the discussion!

The first way is how the firewall safeguard and filters incoming and outgoing packets. It will allow traffic or users to pass based on the protocol address and port.

Packet filtering is good enough to keep the company's network from external attacks, or that many called the lan. We can call it as well with a static firewall system.

To run this way of working, we need an internet connection. When you are connected to the Internet, later this packet filtering will carry out their duties and provide its functions.

The next is a way the opposite of packet filtering. A stateful inspection firewall also is known as dynamic. Where he will see if the packet can be run in accordance and can pass through walls of fire or not.

The advantages of this second way, he not only detects whether the packet will pass appropriate or not. But also will check up to the layers inside. So, network security will be tight and secure.

Before we close this discussion, we will try to find out about the types of firewalls. There are some that we can use. Of course, each of them has a function and a different way of working.

The first kind is a personal firewall, you can guess right the purpose of this kind. Digunaka for personal with functions that have been described, namely to protect the suspicious access to a network.

An example is the Microsoft Windows firewall, Symantec Norton personal and others.

If that is wider and much longer range work. He will preserve and protect as a whole access to a network. Which would have included the first type, which we just discussed earlier? He will determine which packages are permitted and which are denied.

That's more or less an explanation related to the firewall, particularly related to the computer network of a company. Should not be confused with a fire in the wall of the mass media yes, split between editorial and marketing.

After knowing this, you can check the computer network systems and data storage in your firm. Not to have a gap to be easily retrieved or misused by an unauthorized person.

Advances in technology and digitalization of the existing highly let's make companies switch to a digital system. However, it is not only able to move on but also can keep it.

Speak digital system, in fact, there is a digital system that will facilitate the work of the company and your employees. Ie unscheduled digital, which can be done anywhere and anytime with the gadget.