Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Employment Contract with Clients: Part 2

The previous discussion regarding employment contracts with clients: part 1 one of the most important parts of a labor contract which is the duration of project. Why? Because this timeframe will affect the scheduling is done freelancers.

During the project, the client certainly will not let the freelancers just like that, there is only the question: "has been the extent to which the progress?" And when a client is answered immediately reacted: "the tables, new doang this hour?". Nah, to avoid annoying comments like it better be made an agreement on the scheduling of construction or workmanship deadlines per item not to misunderstand. The more detail the better 😉

Employment Contract with Clients: Part 2

This may be one example of a good scheduling. ,

To keep it looking neat detail but should be attached only in the letter of employment contract because of this scheduling load things are huge numbers. So freelancers and clients are not dizzy in determining deadlines.

If some doubt in determining the agreement because they do not know exactly the state of the future will be like, do not forget to include: "things that are not stipulated in the letter of employment contract will be agreed later. "Not to just one party and the other party determines feel aggrieved.

And certainly hope that is after the approval scheduling should not be any incident like this again. ,

"A friend even been in contact with the case law is considered late gara2 deadline. Krn pdhl nambahin clients always work "- @xianworks

Ouch, yes horror 😐