Wednesday, February 26, 2020

This is the advantage Attend Conference

Meeting or conference is a meeting to conduct a negotiation or exchange ideas to solve a problem faced together. In addition, the conference can also be regarded as a communication medium TAAP advance to produce a joint mpemahaman which is not possible with a written communication.

A press conference is an activity to invite journalists to dialogue in accordance with the material that had been prepared by the chairman, the target so that the meeting can be loaded into the mass media reporters.

This is the advantage Attend Conference

A press conference is usually held in place with a sudden and sober. So that the press conference is someone who followed not necessarily get the expected amenities such as meals or accommodation.

A press conference is usually performed while or after the occurrence of major events and important. So that with the press conference could provide insight to the mass media will be a matter that is or has happened.

Kasusmerupakan conference a complementary or supporting activities in counseling and guidance to address the problem in order to get the convenience, information and commitment in solving problems. However, not all problems can be done with a case conference.

However, in a complicated case and required the other parties of the conference this case important to do for the settlement of the problem is not just rely counselor but it can be done with a collaborative involving certain parties and both have interests and are considered competent to a problem that is faced ,

This video conference is an activity of delivering information in which the information is not transmitted through the audio but also can disampaina visually.

Telecommunications rely audio video conferencing video that can bring multiple parties in various places to hold conferences or collective bargaining.

The concept used in a video conference is a conversation that occurs between two people or more in the large-sized room in a different place.

The conference is not just a meeting to discuss a permasalan only. Many benefits of attending the Conference are as follows:

In conducting a conference, it is important determine what research be undertaken. Because usually a person conducting a conference already has a general topic of research. However, there is only one who is still not sure of the topic he was working on.

For that, to this conference, it can be a sharing of ideas and results related to the topic of the opinion that different so this way will get a variety of new topics.

To attend the conference, then one can get feedback that makes one feel satisfied. So it's easier for someone to fix the results of research that still needs to be improved and made more perfect to be worthy of inclusion in the journal paper.

In participating in the conference, it is not uncommon if someone will find there are other presentations of the great man. Of the presentation then one can measure the level of its own merits. Sometimes the presentation of a great man even got the audience dai question that is useful for a person if one did get a question similar presentation.

By attending conferences and one can add insipirasinya. Because in attending the press conference one can add knowledge for free and at the same time gain experience and social interaction will exchange opinions.

After attending the course seseornag will feel tired due to attend a conference of course there will be a variety of interesting booth that makes one forget the purpose to attend the conference. For that, here are some things that need to be done prior to attending the conference:

Before attending the conference should set your goal. Attending the conference would make someone have to pay a hefty registration details so it was confirmed that the conference is a valuable so not to waste the opportunity.

After attending a conference whose name certainly there will be a dinner together. It certainly could be a great networking opportunity. But it would be better before attending the dinner persipakan yourself in contact or information exchange.

Before attending the conference to prepare yourself to be confident. Usually in the conference will leave plenty of time for questions and answers at the end of their sessions so here you can try to ask some questions.

After attending a conference, you should not just pass away. Benefits in attending the conference can be obtained after the following days, even when the conference takes place. The following is the thing to do after attending the conference:

In the conference of course you will get to know a lot of people who had exchanged contacts. For that, after attending a conference, you can send short messages to people who have exchanged contact with you. This can be a good step in order to connect to the new network can be established either. However keep in mind you should not go overboard in sending a message to the new network that you know.

During the conference, of course you will be taking notes of all things presented during the conference. However, do not let all that have been recorded disappear after the conference. For it, do what you've recorded.

After attending a conference, it is important for you to convey the results of the conference to your colleagues. This is because not all employees can attend the conference. You do not have to deliver it in a serious and formal, quite relaxing just yet delivered properly.

In attending the conference would require a registration fee large enough so that anyone who attended the conference should be serious in following the conference.

And every company would want its employees to follow the conference to get information, but the company also did not forget how to save costs follow the conference. Conference activity often requires a significant cost that companies must take into account spending wisely.